Very short

Moving is wierd. I miss my life.


Short but sweet:

Nandos + Tim Burton + Shegs = very happy Joey. This evening was yay. 🙂

Oooh look I’ve posted here again…

OK so this is one of those postswhere the author of the journal advertises one of there favourite web-pages. So here’s the Link:

Now the quote which is what I really wanted to share:

Someone on the BBC’s Have Your say website posted this:

“Since I know no men who boast of it, I conclude a tiny number of men rape several women each. Roll on DNA at birth”

To which the editor of the above website responded like this:

“I hope one day I meet those two guys who buy all the pile cream. ‘Cos I’ve never heard anyone boast about the size of their arse-grapes. Roll-on deodorant.”


Sometimes men kiss each other

So I thought I’d share two contrasting tales with you. I’ve told a lot of people the first one but the second one only happened recently.

The first story took place about a year ago in Pizza Hut, present were my 19 year old brother, my 9 year old brother, me my Dad and my stepmum. My 9 year old brother got bored of making his wrestling dolls fight so instead started to make them kiss. My stepmum looked quite alarmed by this and told him off saying, “No Vasco. Men don’t kiss each other!” this is both hilarious and very sad for the same reasons. Unknown to my stepmum and my little brother, he was sat next to his gay brother and his bisexual sister. Not only is he more likely to grow up prejudiced against a significant proportion of the population, he may end up prejudiced against his own family. Hopefully he’ll have more sense than to blindly follow what his mum dictates.

The second story took place earlier this week. I was visiting my girlfriend and for the first time I met her best friend and her three year old son. We didn’t kiss in front of him but we did sit next to each other on the sofa and she had her arm round me some of the time. At one point my girlfriend was chasing him round the room asking for cuddles, he then said “”No, cuddle that one!” Meaning me. Acceptance from a very cool toddler with a tolerant mum.

Attitudes that make Jo sad followed by attitudes that make Jo happy.

An extensive update about my life

I have been to Rome, it was fun.

I miss my girlfriend, this is not fun.

I have lots of dissertation work to do, not fun.

Time out

The last few posts got kind of nasty so I won’t be writing on here for a while, I caused problems I didn’t want to cause and I don’t want that to happen again.

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